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Home Watch


Interior Care

  • Walk the interior of the entire home, performing a visual check of ceilings, walls, doors and windows for any signs of vandalism, forced entry, insects or rodents, or mould as well as make sure windows and doors are secure and locked.
  • Inspect electrical panel to make sure no breakers are tripped due to power surges or outages, which are common in Kimberley!
  • Report on water heater setting and adjust at client request.
  • Check for unusual sounds or odours.
  • Clean doorway and store or recycle newspapers or fliers and store mail out of sight in a predetermined spot, or forward to another address (at client request, extra fees apply).
  • Select lighting to leave on, or place timers (available for purchase through HomeAssure).
  • Open and/or close drapes at client request.
  • Check for signs of water leakage from interior sources, such as the hot water heater, dishwater, clothes washer hoses, irrigation connection, and under sinks.
  • Check for signs of basement flooding.
  • Turn air conditioning or heating on/off, if requested. Temperature is recorded each visit and filters are inspected periodically.
  • Flush all toilets, checking for normal function, and check for leaks.
  • Check and run all faucets and showers to make sure that the P-trap is full to avoid sewer gas from coming into the home, and to keep washers, gaskets and seals moist.
  • Check smoke detectors and replace batteries (for a small additional fee + cost of batteries).
  • Check for garbage and remove (extra fees may apply if large amounts are required to be disposed of).
  • Report on home condition or cleanliness, if home was being used by authorized visitors.
  • Run garbage disposal to prevent failure.
  • Check that the icemaker is turned off and empty.
  • Make sure the chimney flue is closed to maintain heat and keep out pests.
  • Check the garage or carport for general cleanliness and report any issues.
  • IMMEDIATELY report to client of any abnormalities found.
  • Set the alarm system and lock doors upon departure of building.

Our Professional Home Watch services begin with a Standard Home Watch Service Package, which includes a thorough exterior and interior inspection of your home and property.

Standard Home Watch Service: Call us for an appointment and a site visit

Visit frequency is at your request to meet insurance compliance and peace of mind. A visit every three days is recommended as a minimum. Please note that our standard package pricing covers a home up to 3,000 square feet. Much larger or complex home will add additional costs per visit or higher monthly charges that will be part of our initial estimate to you.

Exterior Care

  • Perform an exterior check around the entire home and property.
  • Check gates and fences and all doors, screens and windows around the home for obvious signs of damage, breakage, forced entry and vandalism.
  • Clear any debris, newspapers, fliers or mail from around the front entry.
  • Look for signs of broken branches on nearby trees that could be hazardous to people or the property or if the situation(s) post a fire hazard.
  • Report on cleanliness issues with exterior home or yard maintenance, if HomeAssure is not providing maintained service.
  • View the roof area, noting any damage, missing roofing materials or signs of gutter leakage and/or blockage.
  • Check for signs of insect or rodent pests.
  • Check water taps and irrigation connections for any leaks or drips.
  • Check that the main water valve is turned off after each inspection (unless otherwise requested by the client – ie. water timers are being utilized).
  • Check for any unusual odors or sounds and for any overland drainage issues.
  • Check that the exterior lighting is functioning properly, with no burned-out bulbs.
  • Collect trash bins from the street if they were left out.
  • Test the doorbell to ensure that it is working when entering the home.
  • IMMEDIATELY report to the client of any abnormalities found.

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