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Question #1 “What was your biggest fear before using HomeAssure Home Watch Services? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?”

We just bought a new home and we were concerned about the impact of winter conditions on our house if we were not there and the furnace cut out or a pipe burst. Fortunately none of those things came true but we always worried when we were away with no one checking on the house.

Question #2 “What, specifically, was your favorite part of  the service provided by HomeAssure Home Watch Services, and why?”

The reports we received on the day of inspection knowing that Tim had gone through the house and that everything was okay. It gave us a peace of mind to enjoy where we were, while our house was being checked on.

Question #3 “If you were to recommend us to a close friend, what would you say?”

Tim provides a reliable service that gives us peace of mind when we are away from the house for work or pleasure.

A.F. (Kimberley, BC)

When my husband and I were looking for a Home Watch service for our condo in Kimberley, BC, we had a number of criteria in mind. First and foremost we wanted someone who was trustworthy and had good communication skills. We also wanted someone who was local and knew the area. We hoped for someone who treated the job as a professional and was easily accessible. We hired Tim and HomeAssure in January of this year. To date all these criteria have been met and then some. We are very impressed with Tim’s reports which are sent to our email — they include pictures and checklists for each inspection. It is clear to me that Tim treats your home as if it were his own. He thinks of extras like shovelling the snow in the driveway so the unit looks lived in. He is very quick to respond to my emails or phone calls. The favourite part of Tim’s service is his willingness to do more than just house inspections. For instance, we will be using his airport pickup service this week, which will also include a stop to pick up groceries on the way to the unit. Over the years I have discovered that it is harder and harder to find the “A Team” when looking for services. I can say that thus far Tim and HomeAssure are the “A Team”. He is willing to go the extra mile and I have no hesitation in recommending Tim and HomeAssure Home Watch.

J.W. (Coquitlam, BC)


We travel for extended periods and on certain occasions the house is vacant.  We understood that home insurance policies require that a house left vacant must be checked every 3 – 7 days based upon the situation and circumstances.  We had previously engaged the help of family and/or friends to check the house but there would invariably be times when they could not make it and it was difficult to prove when and if they had actually checked the house.  A discussion with several insurance companies made it clear that under those circumstances it was quite likely any claim would be refused.  Our biggest fear was that something catastrophic could occur and that we not be covered.  We contacted Tim at HomeAssureHomeWatch and after he detailed the services that he provided we contracted him immediately.  It felt like a big weight had been lifted off of our shoulders.  Our fears were alleviated!

We were extremely pleased with the complete package that HomeAssureHomeWatch offered.  A complete inspection including items that we had never thought of, a very detailed report of all that was done forwarded to us after each inspection and proof of inspection.  Our insurance company was very pleased!

I would try to make them aware of the home insurance requirements, the consequences of failing to honour them and the level of comfort and security that they would feel if they contacted HomeAssureHome Watch.  We couldn’t be more pleased and it is definitely a load off the mind when travelling!

D.S. (Marysville/Kimberley, BC)

(very satisfied customers)