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We travel for extended periods and on certain occasions the house is vacant.  We understood that home insurance policies require that a house left vacant must be checked every 3 – 7 days based upon the situation and circumstances.  We had previously engaged the help of family and/or friends to check the house but there would invariably be times when they could not make it and it was difficult to prove when and if they had actually checked the house.  A discussion with several insurance companies made it clear that under those circumstances it was quite likely any claim would be refused.  Our biggest fear was that something catastrophic could occur and that we not be covered.  We contacted Tim at HomeAssureHomeWatch and after he detailed the services that he provided we contracted him immediately.  It felt like a big weight had been lifted off of our shoulders.  Our fears were alleviated!

We were extremely pleased with the complete package that HomeAssureHomeWatch offered.  A complete inspection including items that we had never thought of, a very detailed report of all that was done forwarded to us after each inspection and proof of inspection.  Our insurance company was very pleased!

I would try to make them aware of the home insurance requirements, the consequences of failing to honour them and the level of comfort and security that they would feel if they contacted HomeAssureHome Watch.  We couldn’t be more pleased and it is definitely a load off the mind when travelling!

D.S. (Marysville/Kimberley, BC)

(very satisfied customers)