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Additional Home Watch Services

Storm Follow-Up Service

From wind and rain to hail and snow, Kimberley can experience a wide variety of storms that can cause damage to your home. Let HomeAssure give you peace of mind, knowing if something should occur you will be notified immediately so that arrangements can be made for repair.

  • Extra inspections will be performed at standard rates within 12 hours of any major storm (upon client request).
  • Extra care will be made to report on wind or rain damage and any potential damage for extreme snow loads or drifting.
  • Photos of any abnormalities will be IMMEDIATELY reported to the client for any follow-up required.
  • If HomeAssure staff is required to stay at the property for an extended period until damages are repaired, an hourly fee will apply.

24/7 Emergency Follow-Up Service

You may have a security system in place, but what if it is accidentally tripped by say, an animal? If you’re hours away, who will be there to reset it? What if an intrusion does occur? Or emergency personnel need to gain access to your home while you’re away?

HomeAssure will follow up on fire or intrusion alarms as quickly as we can, to reset alarms, inspect the property and arrange for re-securing the home after emergency services have been called onsite.

Pricing: Our 24/7 Emergency Follow-Up Service is available for a yearly subscription fee. Based on availability, call outs are a regular rate per visit during normal work hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday to Friday or an after-hours rate per visit during nights and weekends. If follow-up exceeds one hour, an hourly rate will be assessed while onsite, until the call out problem is rectified to the client’s satisfaction.

It is our responsibility to do an inspection and coordinate repairs, if so directed, on behalf of our clients. HomeAssure is your eyes and ears, re-securing the home again to your satisfaction and preparing an incident report for your records.

Please note that HomeAssure is a Home Watch company and is not a security company, as it serves in the role as an authorized key holder.

Vehicle Watch Service

Tire flat spots, leaks, dead batteries and dried-out gaskets can occur when vehicle are left unused for long periods of time.

Our Vehicle Watch Service (Basic Fee/week/vehicle) includes:

  • Taking your vehicle for a periodic warm-up drive every week to let the engine run for 10 minutes (recommended) or trickle charge the battery every week to keep it functional.
  • Checking for signs of break-in damage (if your vehicle is left outside) and leaking fluids.
  • Occasionally moving vehicles that remain on your property to make your residence appear lived in and to deter potential thieves.

Does your vehicle need and oil change? HomeAssure can drop off and pick up your vehicle from the mechanic, if arrangements have been made.

Concierge Service: If you choose our airport drop-off and pick-up service in your own vehicle, we will wash your car after dropping you off the ensure that it is nice and clean when you return.

* Pricing dependent on what additional services are required by the client.