Homewatch Service • Kimberley BC

Compliance. Assurance. Concierge.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with a professional level of care and close attention to detail, along with a high level of communication while acting as your eyes and ears for your property.

Did You Know ?

Most home insurance policies require that someone checks on the home every 72 hours, providing proof they checked on the home. If damage should occur and the home has been left vacant, your claim may be denied. Let HomeAssure provide you with the assurance that your insurance policy compliance is being met.

Our Commitment

HomeAssure is committed to delivering services in an efficient and discrete manner to ensure that when you return home you can enjoy your time in Kimberley, BC, to the fullest.

Why use a Professional Home Watch Service?

NHWA defines HomeWatch as “A visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.” Getting a friend or neighbor to watch your home while you are away may seem like a good idea; however, remember that this is not their day job and providing detailed records and proof that the home was inspected, looking for obvious issues, is required by your insurance provider in the event of a claim.