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Who we are

Tim Martin, Owner/Operator

Born and raised in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Tim fell in love with the Kimberley area on a high school skiing trip in 1977. Tim and his family enjoyed many summers and winters in Kimberley, staying at local lodges and condos until purchasing a property here in 2003.

Tim fully understands the challenge of owning a second home and keeping it maintained. Before retiring to his “happy place” in 2016, Tim worked full-time in Medicine Hat and spent many years travelling to and from his Kimberley vacation home.
Prior to starting HomeAssure, Tim worked for 35 years in a busy Land Surveying company in Medicine Hat as an Alberta and Canada Lands Surveyor, Office Manager, VP, Director and Board Chair.

After retirement, Tim enrolled in the Mountain Hospitality program at College of the Rockies, which led to him working for a season as the Concierge of a local area wedding estate. Tim then enrolled in a course in Business Entrepreneurship, Planning and Marketing at College of the Rockies and the idea to launch HomeAssure was born. Having owned rental properties in the past, Tim is well experienced with and enjoys home repair and maintenance.

An avid outdoorsman, Tim enjoys exploring, hiking, biking, golfing, fishing and skiing.

Theresa Weerdenburg, Owner/Bookkeeper

Born and raised in Ontario, Theresa moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta, with her young family in 1991. Theresa and her four boys are very avid skiers, having grown up ski racing and spending weekends in a motorhome next to the hill. She was a very active stay-at-home mom who also participated in numerous volunteer roles.

Theresa started her work career in banking, becoming a loans manager and a legal assistant. Over the years, she has been involved in the renovation of several homes, including a historical Medicine Hat home built in the year 1900 that was completely gutted and renovated.

Theresa is very artistic and talented in performing home renovation projects. When Tim and Theresa met in 2011, the debate was who had the better tools!

Theresa now works as a department supervisor in an area home improvement store. She has a solid background in bookkeeping and is responsible for that area of HomeAssure as well as taking care of the day-to-day operations of the business with Tim.
Theresa shares a love of the outdoors with Tim but is also passionate about art, theatre, climbing and yoga.

Family & Community

Tim and Theresa are the parents of a combined family of seven children and two grandchildren. They are both avid scuba divers and underwater photographers who’ve spent many hours underwater all over the world.

Tim and Theresa also have a shared love of the mountain lifestyle of Kimberley and are looking to become very active in the community. Tim currently sits on Kimberley’s Board of Variance.

Why HomeAssure?

Insurance Compliance

Most home insurance policies require that someone checks on the home every 72 hours, providing proof they checked on the home. If damage should occur and the home has been left vacant, your claim may be denied. It is important, then, to check your policy before leaving to understand the limits of your coverage. Let HomeAssure provide you with the assurance that your insurance policy compliance is being met. We will also supply your insurance company with reports as they are required.

Peace of Mind

We know how stressful it can be to leave your home unattended for an extended period of time. What if the hot water tank bursts? Is there a slow leak somewhere? Did you leave an appliance on when you left? What about the garbage, did you remember to take it out? Have insects or rodents made their way into your home? Is mail starting to pile up, giving an obvious sign you are away? Is there any damage to your home from the last storm? If you have an alarm system, how will you respond when you are several hours away? HomeAssure can take care of it all, giving you peace of mind knowing your home is being well looked after.

Investment Protection

Your home (or second home) is a major investment. You want it to keep its value, looked lived in for security reasons and be the pride of the neighbourhood. Let HomeAssure keep your property well maintained in all four seasons, from mowing the lawn to making sure driveways and sidewalks are free of snow and ice. We will also keep you apprised of the snow load on your roof. To indicate a regular presence in the home, we can make sure we open and close drapes or blinds, put lights on with varying timers and make sure there are fresh tracks in the driveway.


Imagine being picked up from the airport and coming home to a full refrigerator, with fresh flowers on the table and a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket. HomeAssure can make that happen. We offer many amazing concierge options to help you truly enjoy all of your valuable time in your second home or after returning from an extended vacation. Every home is unique and every customer’s needs are unique. We offer a pay-as-you-go service that is completely customizable and amendable if your needs change.

Insured and Bonded

HomeAssure carries a $2 million insurance policy and is fully bonded and licensed locally.

Code of Ethics

HomeAssure abides by the code of ethics set out by the National Home Watch Association (NHWA). Your personal privacy is paramount in all of our dealings. HomeAssure Home Watch Services are proud to be new members in good standing with NHWA.